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Gitche Manitou



There are three parts to the lodge, all connected. The first building is the Waboos Entry Cabin. (Waboos means snowshoe hare in Ojibwe.) It is here that you sit on a box bench to take off your footwear, hang up your coats, put shoes and boots on shelves and store life jackets. In the pine paneled room you will find a library with books for all ages, hanging canoe and kayak paddles and fishing rods. There is also a bulletin board with news of the lodge, and work that would be helpful if you have time during your stay: eg. watering plants, collecting fire wood, clearing walking trails, etc. 


When you enter the door to the all pine Oneness Lodge you will find a hall way on your left leading to a work/storage room, then a full bathroom with a shower and then the navy blue pantry.  On the right side will be a bedroom with twin beds.

Continuing on you will be in the Tecumseh great room which contains the navy kitchen with refrigerator, sink and gas stove and lots of closets filled with dishes, utensils, cookware etc. In front of the kitchen will be a glass table which seats up to eight. On the other side of the great room will be a sleep sofa and glass coffee table. The four large front windows allow you to look out onto the lake from anywhere in the room. The Oneness Lodge has beds for six and if parents bring two inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags the lodge can accommodate eight people which is the maximum.  


When you enter the large room and turn right you will find stairs that lead to a second bedroom and full bath along with a coffee nook and a book reading area allowing members to look down on the goings on below as well as out to Jr. Lake.


A door at the right end of the hall can take you down to Keewaydin Lair. (Keewaydin is an Ojibwe word meaning the great North West wind.)


Keewaydin’s Lair is a walkout apartment containing a white kitchen and living room in the front part of the apartment. The sleep sofa in the living room is for two people. Behind those rooms is a full bath with a shower and bedroom. The maximum number for Keewaydin Lair is four people.  


Please bring slippers to wear inside the Lodge. Shoes to be left in the Waboos Cabin before entering the Lodge or on the deck.

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