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Gitche Manitou



Doug Mantz

Doug Mantz


West Hartford, CT


Debbie Jacobs

Membership Chairman

Plymouth, MA


Mike Bittrick

Vice Chairman,

Property Director & Team Scheduler

Orleans, MA


Coleby Mancini


York, ME


Carol Sabanty


Stoughton, MA


Chris Bittrick

Team Scheduler

Orleans, MA


Joe Bidutti

Supervisor - Buildings

Hyannis, MA


Ed Mancini

Director of Boating

York, ME


Amy Smith


Austin, TX


Jami Jones

Lodge Equipment Guru

Palm Coast, FL


Maria Bidutti

Lodge Furnishing 

Hyannis, MA


Steve Jacobs

Director Green Gods Project

Plymouth, MA

Dick & Judy

Dick and Judy Wainwright

Ex Officio Board Members

York, ME

General questions for anyone on the Board can be directed to



Those who know Dick, probably were not too surprised that at the age of 83 he decided to embark on another adventure in response to climate change which has been his concern since the early nineties. It was the focus of his book The Crystal Palace of Adamas


 “Dick asked me to be Chairman of the Gitche Manitou Oneness Trust. The Lakeville, Maine, Long Point Road, Jr. Lake property is owned by the trust and every individual that has been invited and accepted to be part of the trust has an equal share in the trust. In other words, the trust is owned by all of us in perpetuity. It is Dick’s hope, as well as mine, that family and friends (now over 100) will enjoy the Oneness lodge and lovely remote Jr. lake 


There is no mortgage on the property. The Lakeville Shores Association maintenance fees, low Lakeville taxes, lodge care and insurance should be covered by the use of the lodge even with minimal fees. 


I look forward to meeting all of the members of the Trust. If there is any particular question not answered in our web site kindly email me at

Dick's Mission Statement

Dick believed that climate change and a growing  population is likely to effect the environment and the quality of life of future generations. With this prospect in mind, he bought land in Maine and placed it in the Gitche Manitou Oneness Trust in perpetuity.  


    The words “Gitche Manitou” are Ojibwa words meaning“The Great Spirit.”


    As a teenager Dick’s four years at Keewaydin: a  wilderness canoeing camp provided tripping experiences which instilled in him a profound and personal reverence for the peace and grandeur of the natural world.    


    The Long Pointe property is on Jr. Lake in Lakeville, Maine. Docl hopes this land and lodge will be be a spiritual refuge for his family, friends and their descendants. 


     The fifteen acre property has 360’ of frontage on 3866 acre Jr. lake which is one of a chain of wilderness lakes totaling 31,000 acres. It is a cold water lake with excellent swimming, boating, canoeing, kayaking, fishing ( summer and winter) as well as being near many hiking trails. 


    The Passamaquoddy and Penobscott tribes own thousands of acres of pristine forest on and around Jr. lake. This land will never be developed.The forest surrounding the Lake is the home of Moose, Caribou, White-tail deer, Black Bears, Raccoons, Porcupines, Red and Gray Fox, Bob Cats, Snowshoe Hares, Rabbits, Gray Wolves, Beavers as well many species of birds, and waterfowl like Loons.  


   The board will become trustees upon Dick's passing. 

The American Indian's Spiritual Philosophy

“If we look at the path,

we do not see the sky.

We are earth people

on a spiritual journey to the stars.

Our quest, our earth walk,

is to look within,

to know who we are

to see that we are connected to all things,

that there is no separation,

only in the mind.”

Native American Indian - unknown

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