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Upon arrival use the key to unlock the back door, turn on the water and electrical systems and if any major problems call ______________________. 

It is recommended that children and adults wear available life vests.

ADULTS need to watch any child that is near the water.

PLEASE return watercraft, paddles, and life vests to their storage space.

Bandages, Bactine, baby aspirin, and Tylenol are in a marked cabinet on the first floor of the lodge.


​PLEASE report any problems with the well water, septic or electrical systems, stove, refrigerator, etc.
to ________________ 

KINDLY report any loss, breaking  of equipment : paddles, life vests, stove and oven, etc.
to _____________ 


KINDLY report the need to replenish supplies of toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, and cleaning equipment in the storage area. Please call _________________ who will check the lodge.


Please treat the cabin and property with respect and care. 


Do not take down any trees

There is plenty of dead wood on the ground to build a fire.  

Abenaki Loved Ones Camp Fire
The campfire will have a metal container inside a granite circle. Ensure the fire is completely out before the last adult returns to the lodge. The lives of our neighbors and the preservation of the thousands of contiguous acres depend on each one of us!

(The outdoor grill is the only outdoor place to cook food.) 


GMOT Lodge Diary
Pease sign and comment on your stay, activities you enjoyed, day trips, any suggestions the Board of Directors and GMOT members would like to know before you leave. 
After returning to your home, when you have time, if you would like to share your experience, suggestions and photos, go to our web site and follow the link to the GMOT Blog. 


Guidelines for Use


Arriving & Departing

To ensure the safety of all our members we ask that you abide by the following rules when visiting the lodge.

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